Black Wickers Glove Liners


Lacrosse and hockey's first moisture-wicking glove liners.

  • Stay warm in the winter

  • Keep your hands and gloves smelling good

  • Protect yourself from viruses, infections, and bacteria

  • Extend the life of your gloves

  • Maintain feel of your stick

Ditch the latex and stay warm with Wickers. We want players to be able to play the game they love, without the risks associated with bacteria and virus accumulation. Wickers are glove liners, made from a spandex-polyester blend. They are designed to absorb sweat and intended to be washed between uses to avoid the accumulation of harmful germs.


Made for athletes

  • Do they work?

    The reason we've grown so quickly is simple: the gloves work. Wickers work to keep your hands warm in the winter, smelling good, and protected from infections.

  • Are there other Colors?

    Check out our full collection of glove liners here.

  • What size is right?

    Wickers come in small, medium, and large. Check out the detailed sizing chart within our full collection of frequently asked questions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Mark Alexander

Good product, arrived in a timely manner

Matt Oven

My kids says that they are comfortable, he says they fit great under his lacrosse gloves.

Lindsey DeGoede

My boys are loving the gloves.

My young players love them

My sons are 13 and 11 and love these glove liners. I bought them to keep their gloves from getting so stinky. Weather here is very chilly at the start of the season and they both commented on how these liners kept their hands warmer without taking away from their feeling/control. Love them!

Troy Farrell
Perfect Fit

Got these for my son, he absolutely loves them. I wouldn't have thought open-fingered gloves would provide such added warmth but we've had three games in the 40's already and he said his hands never got cold.