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If any of you have played lacrosse before—or ever been within four miles of a lacrosse field—you can close your eyes and imagine the biting stench of the pads that accompany the players of the game. However, does it truly have to be this way?


The team at Wickers spent the greater part of the last few years determining that no, not all lacrosse gloves have to stink to high heaven. There is another way.


Wickers lacrosse glove liners allow you to maintain a great grip and feel for your stick while keeping you smelling fresh.


Although stench is a useful tool against the competition to keep them at bay, smelling fresh is something that will keep a smile on Mom and Dad’s faces. To the


Moms and Dads out there: you won’t have to keep the windows rolled down as you drive home from a lacrosse tournament miles away.


Wickers are thousands of times superior to the blue latex gloves we have all been forced to wear over the years. But if you don’t just trust us, take a look at what some of the premier companies in the biz have been saying about Wickers, like East Coast Dyes and Red Star Lacrosse.


Eight Years


In a utopian society, there would be lacrosse pads dry cleaners on every street corner in America. Alas, we are still working creating a utopia collectively. For now, moisture wicking technology and easy to put in the laundry is the best we can do. That’s why Wickers can be so useful.


I can remember purchasing the last lacrosse chest protector I ever bought. That was just before my first year of high school lacrosse. From that point on, I wore the same exact chest protector for eight years until I hung up the cleats after my senior season in college. (Quick shout out to Maverik for the longevity and integrity of their materials.)


After the career that I loved came to an end, government officials arrived on my doorstep. They told me that the chest protector had to be taken away to a nuclear waste facility and I had to be quarantined in a maximum prison for eight weeks. Since I did not start glowing green, they magnanimously let me go after that two month stint.


And that was just the chest protector, the part of me that stunk the least. In reality, I have my high school and college coaches to thank for getting me new gloves each year. I learned that due to the Geneva Convention, lacrosse players must renew their gloves every 12 months due to the stench.


But in today’s world, your lacrosse gloves do not need to smell like that. A brave new world has emerged, and Wickers is on the cutting edge. Make sure your hands don’t smell on the way home from lacrosse games by getting a pair of Wickers.


Lacrosse Equipment that Really Works


Make sure you don’t break the Geneva Convention by keeping your hands smelling fresh and warm in the winter with Wickers. Wickers are an amazing invention, and they truly give you a leg up on the competition.


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Written by Joe Woody

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