Lacrosse is a unique sport in the way that you may select your own level of padding for your comfort and position on the field. Lacrosse equipment largely ranges in how much protection you would like—but now you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for your choice of padding.

A very, very cold lacrosse field.

Wickers lacrosse glove liners offer you a leg up on the competition. You can stay warm and still maintain the vital aspect of the feel of the stick in your hands. As lacrosse players know, the relationship between you and your stick remains vital to your success. Don’t compromise today.


Wickers are thousands of times superior to the blue latex gloves we have all been forced to wear over the years. But if you don’t just trust us, take a look at what some of the premier companies in the biz have been saying about Wickers, like East Coast Dyes and Red Star Lacrosse.


ECD Greg checking out his pair of Wickers.

A Frozen Memory

During college I played in a lesser known region in a frozen tundra of North America called Ohio. I look back on my time with fond memories of big time April and May games with the fondest of memories. However, I am sometimes haunted by chilling memories of our January and February preseasons.

I can remember my second ever pre-season practice with icy clarity to this day. We were experiencing a quasi-blizzard on the field as the sun promptly dipped behind the horizon at about 5:10 PM. However, even after the sun had been down for thirty minutes at that point, we all soldiered on. We had big goals of resetting a proud program on the right track after an embarrassing 6-9 record the year prior.

Wickers helping out cold lacrosse players in Gambier, Ohio. Photo credit: Joe Bolea.

That’s when a pass hit me dead between the eyes. As teammates on the sideline snickered, I turned to a friend and blamed it on the snow. However, I knew what the real truth was. My hands were icicles. Just after this event transpired, Coach told us to put our sticks on the sidelines. At least you don’t need your hands to work while you run wind sprints from goal line to goal line.


I have thought back to that day many times after the invention of Wickers and thought, “That d*mn ball would never have hit me in the face if I had a pair of Wickers.” And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, my Coach has since thought “We could’ve practiced until 11 PM that night if everyone had a pair of Wickers.”


Lacrosse Equipment that Really Works

Make sure a ball doesn’t hit you right in the face mask the next time you are playing in cold weather. Wickers are an amazing invention, and they truly give you a leg up on the competition. Stay warm this winter and smelling fresh with the best in class lacrosse cold weather gear.


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Written by Joe Woody

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